The Project Partners Consultancy - PPC is a network of expert professionals created in 2015 under the umbrella organization of Consultati SA founded in 2003 by Marcello Martinoni to support the public sector and not-for-profit organizations/NGO in the Swiss Italian part of Switzerland in the implementation of projects and events improving community benefits. In 2008 Consultati SA started the collaboration with Claudio Naiaretti who brought a long lasting experience in the field of international cooperation.

PPC, as complement to Consultati SA, aims to provide professional and experience-based consultancy to public, private and not-for-profit organizations in the field of international cooperation and sustainable development.

The networks

In order to fulfil its mandate, PPC promotes a network of expert professionals based in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Partly with consultants already collaborating with Consultati SA (Chiara Bramani – communication sciences; Marcello Martinoni – geographer and anthropologist; Michela Moroni – finance and administration; Claudio Naiaretti – architect ETHZ; Ivan Sasu – biologist) and others consultants that became part of the PPC’s founding team as associates: Fabio Baiardi – economist; Gloria Bernasconi – economist; Matteo Guidotti – consultant and lecturer at the Graduate Institute Geneva and Stefano Spinelli – sociologist and photographer.

In doing so, PPC offers a potential wide spectrum of services and products in collaboration with Swiss Italian consultants specialized in complementary fields building a network of expert professionals able to find crosswise solutions for our clients and stakeholders.

PPC's competency areas

PPC team member’s diverse expertise allows PPC to intervene in various fields, both public and private. Abilities applicable in several sectors and domains according to the specific needs and mandates of our clients.

We consider assuming mandates in the following macro-areas:

  1. Environment and climate change
  2. Development economics and finance services
  3. Health promotion and sustainable development
  4. Migration and Human Rights
  5. Media and communication

Our services

Thanks to the accumulated long lasting PPC team member’s experience in international cooperation allows PPC to offer expertise and professionalism in the field of formulation, management and evaluation of development projects as well as in the training of NGO managers and local leader.

Project management (identification-formulation-realization phase)

  • Analysis of the situation (historical, geographical, cultural – weakness and strength)
  • Participation: focus group, key stakeholder interviews
  • Animation
  • Training, support and institutional strengthening

Project evaluation

  • Qualitative and quantitative approaches (monitoring and evaluation)
  • Survey
  • Internal audits, external evaluations and backstopping

Communication and education

  • Events management and promotion
  • School and citizens campaign
  • Media and communication management

Consultancy qualifications

Each member of the network has specific and heterogeneous working experiences. The complete references are listed in the extended curricula. The most relevant references are:

  • Council of Europe – CoE, www.coe.int
  • Federazione delle ONG della Svizzera Italiana, www.fosit.ch
  • The Graduate Institute Geneva, www.graduateinstitute.ch
  • International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC
  • Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe – OSCE
  • Développement régional, économique et territorial – SEREC, www.serec.ch
  • Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs – FDFA
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland – SUPSI, www.supsi.ch
  • Università della Svizzera italiana - USI, www.usi.ch - Academy of architecture and Institute of Mediterranean Studies

Professionals of PPC's network

  • Marcello Martinoni - Project management and evaluation
  • Claudio Naiaretti - Project management and evaluation
  • Fabio Baiardi - Project management, evaluation and audit
  • Gloria Bernasconi - Investment and financial analysis
  • Matteo Guidotti - Evaluation, project management and business consultant 
  • Ivan Sasu - Environmental evaluation, field surveys, GIS cartography, web development
  • Stefano Spinelli - Photographic works: reportages – documentation – portraits - studio
  • Michela Greppi - Assistant in administration and services, expertise in adult and child protection
  • Chiara Bramani - Project management and evaluation, communication and training


pdfDownload the entire presentation of PPC and short CVs of professionals of the network